Property Management

You have made the important decision to buy a property in paradise, but who do you trust to take care of it when you aren’t around?
Here are some of the services we provide. Please contact us for a meeting and quote. Each property owners’ needs are different!  Here some of our offerings:

  • Pay all bills on time (water, light, Internet, Cable, gas, annual fidicommisso trust, property tax, beach tax etc.)
    * Pay workers not staffed by Sol Sweet Sol on the owners’ behalf (ex: pool cleaner, gardener etc.)
  • Ensure installations in the home are functioning properly, and if needed, oversee repairs and general ongoing maintenance by qualified technicians (or the service people the owners specify).
  • Before guest arrivals check suite/ house to ensure everything is in order, suite is clean and aired-out, looks inviting.
  • Check that everything in the house is working: all lights, fans, hot water, air conditioning, tv, cable, Internet, keys, locks, windows etc.
  • Meet and greet guests on arrival. Property Manager to ensure someone is available to provide keys at check-in 24 hrs / day.
  • Ensure guests have all contact information in case of a maintenance issue or emergency
  • Ensure guests know how everything in the home works (the stove needs to be light with a lighter etc.) AND that all guests are clear on the rules/ guidelines of the house and complex.
  • Collect security deposit to be refunded at check-out after a walk through providing no damages are found.
  • Follow up next day with guests to answer questions
  • Oversee housekeeping service in the units up 5x per week included
  • Keep all receipts for owner.
  • Property Manager to maintain a running account for the owners and provide owners by email with a monthly statement of income/expenses/funds.