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Clear waters and easily accessible coral reefs make Puerto Morelos an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Puerto Morelos also has within its boundary mangroves, low and high tropical jungle and another unique feature here in town are Cenotes. These fresh-water sinkholes along the Ruta de Los Cenotes are a refreshing break from the humid climate especially in the summer months. 

Most cenotes have stairs to enter them, plus ziplines and cliffs to jump off into the cool effervescent water. But even for the less adventurous, the dense tropical rainforest setting is teaming with birds and wildlife and it is truely special. You might be lucky enough to see a Spider Monkey swinging in the trees or a Motmot bird or Toucan swooping in for a drink while you are swimming.

Dive zone Puerto Morelos

Dive Zone Puerto Morelos

Our shop is Located on the accessway of Lazaro Cardenas, close to all of our rental properties. We can take you on a snorkeling tour, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, or rent Stand up Paddleboards at the shop! Our boat has permits for ALL of the snorkeling sites on the reef, very nice equipment and excellent guides who are from Puerto Morelos.

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National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos

When you look out at the ocean, the white line about 50 meters from the shore marks the second-largest barrier reef in the world.  It is a spectacular and fragile habitat and in one way or another it is the reason why all of us are here in Puerto Morelos; tourists and locals alike.  It is responsible for the white cool sand we have on the beach which bring visitors from around the world and which create jobs in the tourism industry.    It was the reason why fisherman settled in the village because food was abundant and close to shore.  

 Created with the input of Puerto Morelos residents in 1998, the park’s mission is to enjoy while protecting and educating visitors about this fragile and amazing sanctuary.  Locals and residents who work inside the reef as guides, captains park patrol, and marine biologists are very proud and protective of this area that provides their income and livelihood. 

Largely because of human carelessness all of the reefs are dying and we ALL must do our part to conserve and enjoy this remarkable place responsibly.

Here are some of the things that you need to know:

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Other responsible practices that help protect out oceans

Interesting facts

  • The Puerto Morelos National Reef Park has 922 documented marine fauna
  • Citizens of Puerto Morelos and biologists created the doctrine of the National Park on Puerto Morelos Feb. 2, 1998 with the intent to preserve, protect and allow residents to earn a living
  • The Mexican Caribbean is home to more than half the world’s endangered sea-turtle species
  • Parrot fish grind up coral skeletons (calcium carbonate) and excrete SAND!  They can produce 700 lbs of sand per year!
  • Coral reef and mangrove ecosystems are COMPLETELY interconnected and the health of the reef is dependent on the health of the mangrove.  It serves as a filtration system, a nursery habitat for juvenile ocean fish, and buffers devastating weather events like hurricanes
  • Corals are animals, relatives of jellyfish and anemones
  • Nest temperature determines what sex baby sea turtles will be; warmer temps mean turtles will be born female!

Everyone who visits Puerto Morelos should go out on a snorkel tour!

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