Tips and things to know

Tips and things to know

Cancun international Airport is 25 minutes from Puerto Morelos.

* It is always more expensive getting transportation from the airport to your destination then it is going back to the airport at the end of your trip.

*Only transport services with the correct chofer license can do airport pick ups (if you are A friend or family member with a car you can pick up your family members without a problem). BUT A taxi driver in Puerto Morelos can’t pick you up at the airport and bring you back to Puerto Morelos.

*If You have never been to your rental before, ask your host or manager to set up a transfer from the airport. It’s much easier When your driver knows where he’s going;-)
*Read Your pre-arrival information from your host. Even if you have been to your destination many many times, give another read to your confirmation letter or pre-arrival information. Policy’s change (everything changes;-)
*If you owe a balance on your rental, be prepared to pay at arrival.
*Put your valuables in the safe. This will avoid many misunderstandings.
*Test your safe before you put all your valuables in it. Does it work with a key or a digital pad? Do you need to set the combination?
*Always report a maintenance issue, and report it as early as possible. It is very difficult to find maintenance workers on Saturday afternoons and Sunday’s. Unless it is an urgency, a WhatsApp message with your condo and the issue works great.
*arrive without expectations and enjoy your vacation!

Be well!