Website launch … finally

Website launch … finally

It started last April.

‘Cece your website’s hacked,’ Jo messages. This news ranks with the Sunday morning phone call from a guest telling me they broke the sink faucet and water is gushing all over their condo. But the water issue is a lot easier to fix….
Eventually Lili (programer) got my 2017 site working at a limp. But it would be hacked again she was sure. Why people use precious time to screw with someone’s website Is beyond me🤷‍♀️.
The next 4 months of getting this site together is such a bore it will put you to sleep. So I’ll try to explain quickly why it took me so long.

*new reservation software. I needed to buy new software compatible with the website so that if some ___ contaminates my website the reservation program is independent from it. This is expensive, and comes with a learning curve. You have to set up each property: upload pictures set rates and amenities and update the calendar
* Photos we’re out of date: the next challenge. Almost all of my unit photos were out of date or sized too small for the new reservation program. So I needed to photograph 30 units.
*text / fonts and photos for the sections.

*the past two weeks: when I’ve been telling everybody this week it will launch you’ll see calendars with availability, really!! Has had me sending edits to the Programer all day long. (Not CAPS) Change foto, wrong text , put in different order .. can you add___….

Anyway, thank you all for your patience. I hope you like it and I hope it is easier for you to check availability for vacation rentals! See you next time in Puerto.
Be well!